Many misconceptions and myths surround stone medicine and crystal healing. And yet, "tapped in" seers, builders, and healers have applied the power of stones since the dawn of humanity. Their ability to treat spiritual and physical disease and elevate human consciousness has been proven for thousands of years across the world. If you work in alternative healing and seek guidance about ancient methods for the application of stones and crystals, you are in the right place.

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Sarah has performed well over 10,000 stone and needle hybrid treatments in her Asheville clinic, Clarity Acupuncture. Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, a school for healers of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in stone medicine rooted in ancient wisdom practices and become certified stones medicine and crystal healing practitioners.
Sarah Thomas | Host

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Earning And Learning With Jade Feb 28, 2023


If there is one stone that is greatly respected in the stone kingdom, especially in the East, it would be the jade. The jade is usually associated with nobility and wealth, and it is said that we must earn our place to learn about it. In this episode, Sarah Thomas takes us deep into what...

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