3 Superpowers Of All Red Stones

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We bleed red. Blood is warmth. It is animation. It is emotion. It is what makes us alive. And red represents all of those qualities and more. That is why there is power in red, and the ancients were aware of it. In this episode of Crystal Clarity Podcast, Sarah Thomas shares with us the three superpowers of red stones. And yes, they are true superpowers. Think about cinnabar, red tourmaline, carnelian, ruby, and hematite. Ancient peoples – even those who painted ochre in caves – recognized their value and used them for a variety of sacred purposes. Tune in to this episode and get to know your red stones more intimately, so you can use them whenever you or someone else needs them.


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Show Notes

02:14 Temple of Stone

05:18 We bleed red

10:25 Red stones bring energy/vitality to the living system

12:27 Red stones ground us and connect us to the earth

16:36 Red stones bring us to the heart


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3 Superpowers Of All Red Stones

This episode is going to be helpful and important for you if you are about to go into something that is going to take some focus, presence, energy, and reserves and if you are going into a marathon type of moment or something where you are going to want to apply yourself. If you are going into something where you are like, “I want to feel steady, calm and grounded for this. I want to be able to feel present for this. I want to feel like I have the resources to get through this,” there is a group of stones that are perfect for these moments. It is the red stones.

If you love red stones and you have red stones like red carnelian, ruby, sphalerite, tourmaline, and jasper, there are three superpowers that all red stones have. Knowing and naming those three superpowers of red stones are going to help you befriend and utilize them more. You will be able to give them to somebody when they are in these moments in their life. It allows you to allow them to do the work they are here to do. I can hear all the red stones peeking up around me. This is cool. This episode is about us. Enjoy this time to learn the three incredible superpowers of all red stones.


This episode is about red stones. It is about the three superpowers that all red stones have in common. When I say superpowers, I mean really superpowers. These are super powerful stones. We are going to talk about all of these different red stones. I want to make sure that you know exactly the three superpowers, that anytime that you pick one of these up to heal, awaken or do ritual, all the things that we do with our stones, you will know what you are bringing to the table. You feel refreshed and clear about that. This is such an incredible group of stones.

I want to start by saying that we bleed red. That is fascinating that we bleed red. We bleed this beautiful dark red color. It is my favorite color. I love red, orange, yellow, and pink. I love all the combinations of red. We could bleed blue, light blue, green, or yellow. It is what pumps through our veins and makes us alive. Blood is warmth. It is animation, in motion and emotion. It is what makes us alive.

We bleed red.

If you think of a dead body, it is cold and stiff. There is no warmth or movement. Blood is all about that animation, movement, and aliveness. Blood has everything to do with our emotional landscape. The blood carries and holds the spirit. If you have ever been in the room with someone who has passed away, you feel the spirit move out of the body. That spirit was housed by the blood inside the body. That aliveness, warmth, and feeling of being alive and feeling alive in a spiritual sense too.

I feel alive now. I want to get up, get out of bed, and have my day. I feel alive. I feel that juiciness. That is the blood, and it is dark red. It is aliveness. Think of menstrual blood as well. The color red is often associated with women, whereas white would be more associated with biological men because white is the semen and red is the menstrual blood.

Think of the menstrual blood and what it represents. It represents life. This person is able to make life. They are in a cycle of their life where they can make life. Think of soldiers. They always wear dark red. They will wear garnet, garnet belts, sheaths, and headbands. They will find red stones and iron hematite. They will wear those into battle because it is like saying, “You can't kill me. I'm alive. I'm going to have victory. I'm going to be the one that is standing here alive at the end of it.” In many different ways, blood means what is alive? It is dark red. Blood is also connected to our ancestry. It is the blood that we pass down. It is our blood relatives and the animation of the spirit that passes down through ancestry lands in our blood. It is amazing that it is dark red. It could be any other color.

Color therapy is all about how color affects biological systems and anything that’s alive but it is not that it affects our physical form. It affects our multi-dimensionality, spiritual body, emotional body, physical body, and the millions of multi-dimensional subtle nuances that we encompass. We feel the color red around us. We pick that up. We get affected by that biological system. When we say, “Red does something,” it is not a metaphor. It is not like we want to say that red does something because it looks like this. No, our bodies are picking up the color red.


In Ancient China, when we look at the five-element theory, the color red means many things. It comes off the face and body. We see it in certain ways and it means things. It is phenomenologically tied to who we are. Color therapy is not just a metaphor. It is something that deeply affects us on all layers. Color is important, and it is highly correlated to emotions.

I want to talk about the three superpowers of red stones. We are talking about cinnabar. Cinnabar even had red in the name. We are talking about garnet and hematite. It talks about ancestry in the name of hematite. Hematite created red ochre. The first cave paintings are made out of hematite streaks scratched on the wall. It makes red ochre paint pigments. It is important in this conversation.

I'm not talking about pink. I'm talking about your red stones, red tigers eye, real red cornelian, real red jasper, and red tourmaline. Keep that in mind, like a darker red rubellite or the red inside watermelon tourmaline. There are many other red stones that you might be thinking about. Let's move into what they all have in common and these superpowers.

Number one is that red stones are going to bring energy/vitality to that living system. Red builds strength in the body and physical systems. It builds physical power. It strengthens you up. Think of your adrenals and vitality like your power to move through the day. That is what red stones are going to affect. Think of your lower dan tian, which is the lower part of your belly, your pelvis underneath your belly button. That is where the fire is generated.



The small of your back, which we call Mingmen, is where the fire in your body is cultivated. That fire rate is what creates metabolism, energy, and movement in our lives and the ability to move, be mobile and have energy. I used to go to a workout place for many years that was called the fire because fire is all about that metabolism that we light inside of us.

Energy, libido, physical metabolism, fuel, moving, and feeling strong. The fire is red. It is all about this red color. It is going to go into the body and build strength and physical power in living systems. I keep saying the physical level. It is the physical level. All color affects all levels of who we are. There are a lot of levels of who we are. This one is particularly tuned in to hone you up in your physical system, which is important. I can't even name how many moments in people's lives they are going to need physical energy.

Number two is grounding to the Earth. We could call this earthing, but this color and all of these stones ground us and connect us to the Earth below us. They have a resonance that keeps our feet on the ground. They keep our pelvis connected to the Earth. Red is connected to the root chakra. When you look at the visible light spectrum, red is moving the slowest, longest wavelength. That slow long wavelength is the last color we see before color disappears into too low and slow. That low and slow is connected more through relative resonance to the material body.

The plane is slowing us down and bringing us to Earth as matters. It is moving fast in higher planes, and it slows down to materialize. Coming into materiality and the physical body is being grounded. All of these red stones are grounding. It is great to put them on the pelvis and the low belly. On the lower back, they are incredible. You can also put a red light over the red stone. All of this is going to make us feel like we are sinking into the Earth.

What's important about this is that one of the big places where we get all energy, spiritual energy, life energy, emotional energy, and all energy is from the Earth. The Earth is something that feeds us. We get to the last place in our own energy body. Maybe we had a trauma, we went through something big, or we gave birth to a baby. When we get low, the place to source from is the Earth. Earthing is a way to get all of this energy up into your body.

I want to make a little side note for empaths. I'm sure everybody reading this is an empath. One of the things that empaths do is because the information is too much for them often or can be overwhelming because they are picking up much information from the environment. Sometimes, to stop that overwhelm, they will block that information from the environment. One place we can block that information from is our butt, pelvis, and legs, that root chakra. We can hold things out as a way to protect ourselves.

There is an unconscious crossing of wires. Empaths sometimes will be protecting themselves a lot of times in the lower body. They are not open enough to receive the energy of the Earth coming in. What is going to protect them is the energy of the Earth. It is like that grandmother energy that can come up and be like, “I will protect your energy and sort through this for you to make sure you feel safe and you can relax in your body.

Number two is red stones will ground you to the Earth. They will allow you to open up that root shocker so you can let that Earth energy in. There are many other ways we can talk about why and when it is important to be grounded in the Earth. A lot of them are about shock, disassociation, feeling split from the body, or something that happened when we went up into space. Red stones will help ground that person back down, especially red stones with iron in them.


Iron is heavy. It has such an incredible resonance with the Earth of dropping down to the heavy Earth to being able to materialize. A lot of red stones have iron in them. If you have dark red sphalerite with iron in it, that is perfectly resonant with what we are talking about. Garnet and hematite have a lot of iron in them.

If you also get that iron in the chemical composition, it is perfect for grounding people to the Earth. Besides number 1) Energy vitality and number 2) Grounding and earthing, the third superpower of all red stones is phenomenal. It is going to bring us back to how we started, talking a little bit about the blood. The red color goes to the heart. The heart picks that up. They are in resonance. They come together. When anything is in resonance together, they start to exchange information. The heart has always been the color red. That is Ancient Daoist, knowing the heart is color red.

We could talk about the heart as the green in the chakra system, but I'm going to leave that out for now. Let's tune into how the heart is red. When somebody has a constitutional heart factor or something is up with their physical heart or emotional heart, like they are in sadness, despair, or anxiety, their face and different parts of their body will get red. We can see little blood vessels popping out.

I spent all this time studying this correlation between red and the heart, and many people have for centuries. We get to relax into the phenomenon of red associated with the heart. The heart pumps blood throughout the body. It is the master and controller of the blood moving out throughout the whole body, getting all the way out to the hands, feet, and head. The heart is pumping that blood and keeping us alive.

It is holding that aliveness for us. We talked about how the spirit is housed in the blood and that feeling of animation and being alive is housed in the blood. Our spirit and aliveness are being pumped around the body by our hearts. What is amazing about the blood and the heart is that all of your emotions are in your blood. All of your emotions are carried by the blood. Blood is animation in motion and it is emotion. It is that movement of emotions.


If there is anything that emotions love, it is to move. Emotions are free. They want to be free and feel. They want us to be present with them. They want to keep moving. When emotions stop or get blocked up, we have repressed or suppressed emotions. It is the blood that is able to move those emotions. The more suppressed and repressed emotions we have, the less we are able to be present in our lives. We want to have fewer repressed and suppressed emotions.

Repressed emotions are things we don't even know that we have. If somebody said to somebody, “Do you fear death?” They were like, “No, I know I'm going to heaven.” They might have repressed fear of death. They don't even know that they have it. A suppressed emotion is something that somebody knows they have, but they are not managing it. It is like the elephant in the room. They were like, “I know this is there, but I would just look away.” We will dive into that a little bit more in the future.

You might notice that you have some suppressed emotions. I know that fear of running out of money is there, but I will leave that elephant over there. A repressed emotion would be one that you don't even know that you have. Keeping those emotions moving is all about the heart. When we can keep our blood moving, that is aliveness and presence in life.

I'm going to bring something up that you may already know, but trauma freezes the blood and stops the blood from moving. Moving trauma so we can integrate and be present in the present moment. Moving the emotions so that we can have a full experience of life and experience emotions as they move through. Being present with the mess they move through and keeping those moving has a giant impact on who we are and how we live our lives.

That red color keeps that blood and emotions moving. When we can't manage our emotions, or there are too many elephants in the room or suppressed emotions, that is where numbing ourselves through addiction comes in. Red stones are going to keep the blood moving, keep us present and keep us saying, “I know I have this elephant in the room of this anxiety, but I know working out helps me. I'm going to work out. It keeps that moving going.”

All movements of emotion are good for matters of the heart. Emotions that are hard to deal with around matters of the heart are anxiety, sadness, and despair. Red Stones will help with anxiety, sadness, and despair, being able to be present with those emotions and helping them move through heartbreak.

The other side of that is that red stones can promote joy, aliveness, and feeling present. They also can promote feeling calm in our hearts. That is the opposite of how we feel when we are anxious. We don't feel calm in our hearts. We call that grounding or calming the Shen. It means heart spirit. We calm the heart with red stones.



Calming the heart is the opposite of the whole spectrum from anxiety to mood swings, to bipolar, to mania, everything that feels like it is an out-of-control fire emotionally. Those things are connected to the heart. They are red color and red stones because they feel like an out-of-control fire. Red stones can also calm that fire to this beautiful candlelight that feels beautiful and manageable. It creates intimacy like you are sitting around a candle with someone.

Those are superpowers. Number 1) Energy/vitality. Number 2) Grounding earthing. Number 3) Movement of emotions. Think of times in your life when you are like, “I would love to have all three of those as I go into this.” Imagine if a loved one was diagnosed with something hard. You would say, “I need physical energy/vitality and strength of the spirit in all parts of my body. I need to stay grounded in my body and present. I need my emotions to be moving and flowing.” That brings that presence.

If you are training for a marathon, you need these things, “I'm going into a phase with my work where I have to work hard for three months.” Think of other times that you would need these three superpowers, “I’m pregnant. I'm going to go through this long process of being present. I need these resources and birthing the baby at the end of it.” Not even a loved one was diagnosed, but you had a health challenge that you were going to go through. These red stones are able to make us be like, “I'm present. I can focus on what is ahead. I have the resources to make it through.”

Red stones are the fine wine of all stones.

Thank you, cinnabar, red tourmalines, red zircon, hematite, all of you iron stones, garnet, and all of the other red stones, sphalerite. Red stones were the most important stones in Ancient China. They were seen as the most powerful. They were also seen as the most rare. Moving into red stones was like moving into the fine wine of all stones. As I used a metaphor with another dark red color of fine wine, I'm going to leave that episode right there at that part. Be sure to get out your red stones when you or someone else needs them. I will see you in the next episode. 


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